How do I save the most energy? What subsidy program is better? What changes do I need to do to convert my home into an energy house?

Net Metering is a market policy and selling electricity to consumers that install plants for electricity from renewable sources for own use (self-production) and channeling excess energy to the distribution network. The Net Metering applied for years in various countries while in Greece the implementation established with relevant Ministerial Decision on 12.30.2014 and refers only to self-production of electricity from photovoltaic power stations.

What about the ministerial decision?

Self-production in the Middle and Low Voltage.

The energy Netting made annually in electricity bill of autoproducer.

Plant generation system can make any (small, medium or large consumer) in points allowed under the provisions of the law. (not limited to roofs).

Power photovoltaic plants by 500KWp for the interconnected network to 20KWp and 50KWp for the non-interconnected islands and Crete respectively. Benefits Net Metering

Detox from different pricing policies, increasing the price of electricity, which translates to an impressive reduction of electricity bills.

With Net Metering is partial independence from the electricity supply and the high electricity bills. Full autonomy and independence would require batteries, generating sets, noise, personal time, high operating and maintenance costs, etc. In self-production-Net Metering excess energy generated during the summer months from the PV to the grid (seasonal storage) while the winter months and in the evenings there is no sunshine, the auto-producer - consumer absorbs energy from the grid. The annual energy balance of production-consumption of electricity is zero so obvious reduced accordingly and the related electricity bills.

Operation and maintenance cost of PV systems integrated in the Net Metering minimally charged to the annual budget of an autoproducer.

Reduce operating costs of heating, cooling, domestic hot water, heat pumps, pumping stations and other ilektrovoron devices.

Local photovoltaic is an ecological form of energy that does not burden the environment and decongests loads from polluting power stations of electricity and Distribution and Transmission networks energy.