Since 1990 the company "NIKOS ELENIS Ltd" operates in the field of electromechanical applications and energy. It started with the design and installation of heating, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation, pumping stations, swimming pools, fire etc., the residential and commercial sector (HOTELS). The 1995 in light of new energy and investment trends founded the company "ENERGY SAMOS SA 'taking after the liberalization of the energy market in Greece, the second largest nationwide licensed installation Wind power station on the island of Samos.

In 2006 the government decides to change the "design" of the design concept by turning in an ecological-environmental direction, based on the principles of the science of Renewable Energy Sources (RES). They start the first autonomous systems and interconnected energy systems Photovoltaic panels (P / B) and small turbines (M / F) in summer houses and units HOTELS Samos-Ikaria-Fourni-Patmos. Standards are also installed irrigation systems such as pumping stations powered by P / B and A / C. Bend is also in the commercial sector for disposal by choosing energy efficient products and acceptable environmental footprint (air conditioners inverters, heat pumps etc.).

Today 'Nikos Elenis Ltd.' is the company that serves reliably, knowledge and responsibility principles RES contributing to local sustainability by pioneering technologies that improve the quality of life with respect for the environment, offering:

Energy audits-studies-proposals replacement equipment designed to reduce energy consumption

Design and installation of P / V systems combined with small W / (Decrease electricity consumption and upgrade to "green" corporate HOTEL unit profile)

Preparing for installation System NET METERING (direct producer of F / B and A / C and returning energy to the grid perissefomenis-removal / reduction kwh of electricity bill)

Design and installation of Heating-Cooling-Ventilation-Air low-energy systems, without the use of fossil fuels (oil) combined with photovoltaics.

Studies and Fire equipment

Environmental studies, wastewater management studies, studies of sanitary-biological treatment

After-sales service. Technical assistance at emergency, maintenance and spare parts.

Possibility of including these services in subsidized programs through the respective partner office